5 reasons to visit Mayrhofen, Austria

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Mayrhofen is the largest city in the Zillertal region of Austria. Set in the heart of Tyrol, one hour away from Innsbruck, it is a perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts, as well as for hikers who love mountain hiking in the summer. In winter, the stylish resort offers many options for both professional and amateur skiers alike. On the “Penken” mountain, the most courageous descend on the black slopes and those who seek maximum adrenaline try their luck on the most inclined part in Austria – Harakiri. On “Ahorn”, the blue lines are ideal for families with children or for beginners.

The city is cozy, with narrow streets and tyrolean architecture houses, dressed in impressive paintings.

Here, there are many apres-skis where you can party until the morning. 

Other information about the Ziller Valley, in the article: Ski in Zillertal Austria.

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What you should not miss in Mayrhofen:

Ski slopes – Mayrhofen Bergbahnen area

136 km of slopes

57 lifts

Accessible from Mayrhofen

More details here:  Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

Photo: Mayrhofen

For beginners, Mount Ahorn offers the line-up, perfect for easy downhill skiing or snowboarding sessions. For those who are looking for adrenaline or prefer actionable descents, on Mount Penken will find snow parks, red and black sides with a higher degree of difficulty. Here, you can find the most inclined slope in Austria – Harakiri.

For well-treated breaks, in fairy-tale landscapes, the Igloo Village White Lounge offers various local drinks and dishes.

Harakiri Slope

The steepest slope in Austria, 78%. It’s spectacular! Only the brave ones, looking for adrenaline, are trying their luck to get down, on skis or snowboard..not on their back:)

The track has a length of 1500 m and a width of 375 m and thanks to the special inclination it is maintained with a specially secured equipment.

The city and the parties 

The city is spectacular and an attraction itself. Romantic streets shows you many souvenir boutiques, cozy terraces and impressive hotels. The city can be quickly visited, but with a lot of stops in front of traditional buildings, or inside bars or cafes can make you spend an entire afternoon here.

For clubers, clubs and apres-skiing in the city can be ideal for parties until dawn.

The wide range of winter activities

Besides the ski slopes available for all skiing categories, cross-country skiing is an option. For those who do not ski or want to try something else, the region offers numerous alternatives: sleigh tracks, ice skating rinks, special tourist routes for winter, dedicated to nature lovers. Outdoor walks can be done with hours of relaxation in one of the SPA centers in the area.

Summer mountain trails

In summer, the 55 serenity peaks, up to 3000 m, represent the paradise of mountain climbers and hikers. Bikers have challenging routes in the middle of the Zillertal Alps park that stretches over 422 km².

Families with children also have surprises, many activities are organized in the area for the little ones.

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