Voineasa, a place that lives in memories

Once, Voineasa was the resort adored by Romanians who wanted to retreat in a tranquility oasis, away from the agitated city and to take advantage of the clean air.

The curse of the Haller Castel from Sanpaul, Mures

Haller Castle from Sanpaul is a ruin now but a building whose walls are still impressive, with vaulted ceilings, imposing stairs, history and legend in one place…

The amazing Horse Universe. Dracula Danes Domain

We first came to Danes about 10 years ago and since then, the Dracula Danes Domain is on top when we get to this area, and because we get quite often here.

Rimetea, the village with white houses, green shutters and idyllic landscapes

Rimetea is considered one of the most beautiful village in Romania … I think beautiful is a poor word. The village is really charming!

The story of the Calendar Castle from Zau de Campie

The Calendar Castle is unique, spectacular … legendary! I was so happy when I got there that my feet were trembling with enthusiasm and anxiety!

The amazing nature, Glamboaca, Romania

Glamboaca is a village in the county of Sibiu, which belongs to Avrig. For many people, this area may not mean anything, maybe it is unknown…undiscovered.

Viscri, the village where the time stands still

Viscri, the village where the time stands still, placed in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. A place where Prince Charles transformed his property into accommodations.

The fortified church from Hosman, Sibiu

The landscape in this area is wonderful, Fagaras Mountains part of the Carpathian chain, offers fairy tale images.