Do you like pastel colors? I adore them! I love to play when I dress … I choose, combine, dress up, change, blend, put an accessory, give up to another and that’s the result!

During the weekend I took advantage of the spring and I embrace her with pastel-colored clothes, a smile and sun in the heart.


I have arrived in the Horses’ Universe, at the Dracula Danes Domain, a place where I spent a few minutes with my favourite hourses, admired the camels and Scottish cows and of course I did not miss the opportunity to taste again the chef’s specialties. An entire article about this superb place here:  Minunatul Univers al Cailor. Domeniul Dracula Danes.

Here’s what my outfit was formed:

Long lilac Noisy May pullover

Pink Object blouse 

Beige Mango trousers

Zee Lane shoes purchased from Fashion Days

Otter bag

Mohito bag accessory

Sunglasses from Oscar de la Renta