I choose colors for this winter

Color, in a big white. Give me something more special than that? The white winter will always merge with a purple scarf, a green dress … a colored smile! 🙂

In this winter, I proposed myself to make my outfits cheerful like me. The smile makes you feel younger and gives you good mood and the colors makes the eyes and the soul happy.

In my winter adventure in the heart of the mountains, when I discovered some of the most special places in Switzerland, where I met sun and green grass, but also snow and rain, I wore warm outfits, adapted for outdoors weather, with color accents.

Alexandra Cristian - 20180131 092859 e1518639357996

In Interlaken, we discovered superior Swiss elegance, and the walk along the shore of Lake Thun offers us fairy images with waterfall that ranged from tens of meters of rocky cliffs, snow-covered mountain landscapes, and hills full of green grass, traditional villages wooden houses, colorful craft and unforgettable memories.

My outfit:

Bershka beige sweater

Atmosphere green trousers

Bershka turquoise jacket 

Guess bag

Alexandra Cristian - 20180201 112823 e1519067448234

Alexandra Cristian - 20180201 163919 e1519067500733

Alexandra Cristian - 20180201 100634 e1519067558934

Alexandra Cristian - 20180201 171404 e1519067413547

Now it’s time to visit the beautiful town of Lauterbrunnen. The waterfall that descends vigorously to the ground, from 300 m altitude, was hidden. The snow and the fog destroyed our plans, but before we left Interlaken, we departed from the road to Luzern and visited it again. It’s a place that you should not miss! The colorful houses complete the magical setting of this impressive Staubbach waterfall.

On the way to the fabulous Luzern, which by the way, I am deeply in love,  We made a short stop at Hotel Villa Honegg, famous for its location above the clouds, the infinity pool overlooking the high mountains that surround the green lake in the city, but also for the 5 ***** services.

On this long day, full of new discoveries, I wore:

Green shirt from Reserved

Green necklace from Ottoman Hands

Leather pants from H&M

Artificial fur coat from New Look

Furla Bag from epantofi.ro

Alexandra Cristian - 20180202 112838 01 e1519065661938

Alexandra Cristian - IMG 20180203 WA0004 01

Alexandra Cristian - 20180202 175527 e1519067807731

Alexandra Cristian - 20180202 131435 e1519067830228

Alexandra Cristian - 20180202 121422 e1519067688334

Alexandra Cristian - IMG 20180203 WA0006 01

Alexandra Cristian - 20180202 102213 e1519067732110

Alexandra Cristian - IMG 20180203 WA0008 01

For a one-day visit to the famous Sankt Moritz, where luxury landscapes and shops leave you speechless, I wore:

New Look Artificial fur coat

Gray blouse from Only

Gray pants from Bershka

Yellow cap and purple scarf, purchased from a store in Mayrhofen Austria.

Alexandra Cristian - 20180131 132200 e1518638050817

Alexandra Cristian - 20180131 132154 e1518638104655

Alexandra Cristian - 20180131 132110 e1518639147955

Alexandra Cristian - 20180131 125243 e1518637822428

With sadness in the heart, but with memories for a life, we got home, the last stop being in the amazing Munich. Creepy weather has given me a bit of a headache, but the long-awaited H&M scarf saved me from the wind that came to my bones.

My outfit:

Coat – Old collection H&M

Red scarf H&M

H & M leather pants

Red blouse Villa

Alexandra Cristian - 20180203 120753 e1519067903480

Alexandra Cristian - 20180203 121147 e1519067958640

Alexandra Cristian - 20180203 120927 e1519067978742

Alexandra Cristian - 20180203 121140 e1519068001461

Alexandra Cristian - 20180203 121505 e1519068029120

Alexandra Cristian - 20180203 151940 e1519068061237

Alexandra Cristian - 20180203 151941 e1519068080877

Alexandra Cristian - 20180203 151954 e1519068102992