Lauterbrunnen, the valley with 72 waterfalls

The Staubbach waterfall descends from 300 m high, from the cloud and goes fast to the ground. From a certain point, you would say that it flows on the houses. Here,the building are made mostly of wood, perfectly decorated even now in the middle of winter, with flowers and seasonal plants. The road that snakes through the small village gives you the opportunity to capture unique photos. Since you enter the village, the scenic landscapes leave you speechless. How much I wanted to get here! I have seen countless images on the internet with this location but the reality is overwhelming.  

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Lauterbrunnen …even the name is melodious as the sound of the waterfall. This land is unique by its location in the middle of the mountains,  by the multitude of cascades that the mysterious valley hides, but also through the image that the whole village offers visitors … the place is photogenic by excellence!

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Lauterbrunnen is located in the Swiss Alps, in the Bern region, with a population of only 2400 inhabitants.

Set in one of the most impressive vineyards in Europe, surrounded by serenity peaks, Jungfrau is the most famous and symbol of the whole area.

Lauterbrunnen signifies “many fountains,” in the valley there are 72 waterfalls, the most famous but the highest waterfall in Europe, Staubbach, impresses with a drop at 300 m altitude.

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In 1779, Goethe visited the valley and inspired by the beauty of the Staubbach cascade, he wrote the poetry “Song of the Spirits over the Waters”

“THE soul of man 
Resembleth water: 
From heaven it cometh, 
To heaven it soareth. 
And then again 
To earth descendeth, 
Changing ever. 

Down from the lofty 
Rocky wall 
Streams the bright flood, 
Then spreadeth gently 
In cloudy billows 
O’er the smooth rock, 
And welcomed kindly, 
Veiling, on roams it, 
Soft murmuring, 
Tow’rd the abyss. 

Cliffs projecting 
Oppose its progress,– 
Angrily foams it 
Down to the bottom, 
Step by step. 

Now, in flat channel, 
Through the meadowland steals it, 
And in the polish’d lake 
Each constellation 
Joyously peepeth. 

Wind is the loving 
Wooer of waters; 
Wind blends together 
Billows all-foaming. 

Spirit of man, 
Thou art like unto water! 
Fortune of man, 
Thou art like unto wind!”

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Not to miss: 

The little city with the lovely Staubbach waterfall.

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The Trümmelbach Waterfall in Black Mountain, one of the most spectacular glacial ravines in the world, is hidden behind the rocks, descends from 200 m altitude and throws over 20,000 liters of water per second. Access is only allowed in the summer through a tunnel.

The Piz Gloria Restaurant, located at 2970 m altitude, was the scene of the famous James Bond movie, released in 1969. Here is an exhibition titled “007 Walk of Fame.” The restaurant rotates 360 degrees and offers impressive views of the 40 mountain peaks and 20 glaciers. Access is made by cable car.

The UNESCO World Heritage Trail in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It is the world’s first natural heritage path, Junggfrau-Aletsch being dedicated to waterfalls, alpine agriculture, power stations and mountain hotels.

Here is the starting point of the railway to Jungfraujoch (3454 m). The Jungfrau railway travels through a 7 km long tunnel and reaches “Top of Europe”. Details, here:  Jungfraujoch.

Grindelwald, a mountain resort located 15 km away from Lauterbrunnen, at 1034 m altitude, is ideal for winter sports lovers and in the summer, for mountain hikers.

Photo: Gridelwald

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Interlaken, one of the most important resorts in Switzerland, located between Lake Thun and Brienz. The small, delightful city is located just 12 km from Lauterbrunnen.



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