In the heart of the mountains. Romerhof Garni Hotel – Igls, Austria

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This year, I discovered some of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe. To visit Innsbruck Christmas Market we slept in Igls, a ski resort from Tirol. So, if you are planning a visit in this area and you didn’t find the accommodation, I recommend you from the heart, Hotel Romerhof Garni.

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My outfit:

Skirt and sweater: H&M

XIT Boots: Fashion Days.

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Placed 5 km far from Innsbruck, this hotel is exceptional. Located in an idyllic place, in the middle of the mountains, where landscapes are breathtaking, this hotel was perfectly designed to offer the best conditions for guests. The spacious rooms are decorated in a traditional but still modern style, with wood accents that offers a cozy feeling, with a chilling corner surrounded by huge windows. In the morning the room is invaded by light and the direct access to the terrace, offers you the possibility to refresh yourself, admire fairy tales views and start a new day in the best way possible.

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I noticed a special attention to details: the reception is perfectly decorated for Christmas, the fireplace outlines a perfect winter story, the staff is very helpful, and kind, mulled wine and cookies from the house and the breakfast…I don’t know exactly what I enjoyed most, the delights served in the morning or the placed where were served. The elegant restaurant set in a semicircular room with large windows all around, perfect tables placed in front of the windows. Here you can have a breakfast in a special and romantic decor, the imposing mountains being your witnesses.

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This location is perfect in the winter, for those who loves winter sports but also in the summer, for mountains adventurers, cycling and hiking, for horse riding and golf enthusiastic.

Vis a vis is a Olympic bob and we were lucky to see a kid competition.

Hotel price – 80 euro / night.

Link to website: Hotel Romerhof Garni

An entire article about how Christmas looks in Innsbruck can be found here: Targul de Craciun din Innsbruck, Austria.

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