Swarovski Universe from Wattens, Austria

Shine, baby, shine! Who has not heard about Swarovski? But who knows that in Wattens, Austria, is the Swarovski Museum? Here, I discovered a magical world enveloped by precious stones, an unique experience that any woman would be delighted to live..but not only the women. For the men I was with on this journey, this Universe of the famous gems was also fascinating. 

The Swarovski Universe was opened in 1995, have been celebrated 100 years since the company was founded. Andre Heller’s multimedia artist created a fantastic world, an important attraction in Tyrol, 18 km from Innsbruck, which has attracted millions of visitors so far.


At the entrance, in the backyard, I spotted the green giant with bright eyes, which threw water on the mouth like a dragon. The giant is the gateway to this unique Universe and after me, the guard of the treasure.

We all admitted that the time spent here was insufficient, the 4-5 hours passed quickly while we were spelled by all the attractions and surprises discovered in the 16 Wonders’ Chambers. All the entrances were strategically covered by navy curtains…to keep the magic for the moment you enter the door. The mystery created by this curtains was great, the discovery of new stories was more exciting. Every time I walked into a new area, I was getting more and more in love with this place. I was fascinated for minutes in every room and my eyes were happier with every step I made. Lights, music, animation, 3D filming, glowing stones all around …experiences to be lived, not to be told. 

The 16 magical spaced from the main building approaches different themes, have personalized name and offers unique experiences: Blue Hall, Mechanical Theater, Chrystal Dome, Silent Night, Ready to love, Into Lattice Sun, Ice Passage, Transparent Opacity, Studio Job Wunderkammer, La Primadonna Assoluta, Eden, Famos, 55 Milion Crystals, Heroes of Peace, El Sol and Timeless.

The museum’s yard is perfect. Surrounded by white mountains, nature is dressed in millions Swarovski crystals. Fluffy clouds with Swarovski crystals, hanged above the lake…it would be great to snow on me! 🙂 The climbing alley next to the botanical mini-garden led us to the panoramic view that reveals dreamlike views of the entire estate.

The play tower, for children and adults alike, captivated us. We jumped on the trampolines, we stumbled on the strings, we defeated our fear and stepped onto suspended steel nets.

For shopping addicted, the huge store inside the museum offers a wide range of products with Swarovski crystals. Gentlemen can wait their wives at Daniels Kristallwelten restaurant 🙂

The ticket price is 19 euros.

Schedule: Daily between 08:30 and 19:30.

Address: Kristallweltenstrasse 1, 6112 Wattens, Austria

Phone: +43 5224 51080

E-mail: swarovski.kristallwelten@swarovski.com

Website: Swarovski.



Swarovski Universe from Wattens, Austria
Article Name
Swarovski Universe from Wattens, Austria
Here, I discovered a magical world enveloped by precious stones, an unique experience that any woman would be delighted to live.