I’m happy to live … what I live today and what I lived yesterday and I hardly learn to enjoy the little things that can be everything.

Happiness is my lifestyle, I try to smile, explore and learn, because every day is new and full of unknown and my desire for knowledge, unlimited. And if the joy of life cannot make me feel fulfilled then What or Who?

My basic occupation is in the marketing field. This passion was discovered years ago and now is enhanced by studies and practical activities.Speaking about hobbies, fashion, beauty and travel area are among my favorites. If I need to speak about traveling, I think it would take a whole day to explain in beautiful words how much I adore it but who does not? Walking in nature, beautiful landscapes, historical citadels, fortified churches, castles and mansions, lakes and waterfalls, oceans, lush vegetation, forgotten villages or imposing metropoles, people, culture and traditions, all are part of my universe.

I’ve got the passion for photography in my blood for years, a passion that started with the admiration for the great photographers and their artwork, my stinging attempts to use the camera in an effort to capture moments, and then continued with a higher level, the true knowledge of this art.


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Foto: Denisa Ciortea